EEW 6 Box

EEW 6 Box

So many people asked for the Electric Eel 6 box. We had to make one. 

It features only one drawer instead of two. The batteries people use can be really varied in size. I use a Halo Bolt battery and it takes up most of the drawer! 

It has enough space for the LWS when you turn the arms upright in the box. The handle is bigger for ease of carrying and comes in most of the same colors you can order your nano box in! We did run into some issues with certain gradients not working quite right or being strong enough so those colors are not an option but almost everything else is working great.

Its strong and sturdy. I take my wheel to work with me so when Im on a break, I can spin! Its so easy to transport! 


Shown here with my LWS and a nano box. The top of the EEW6 box is larder then the entire nano box put together! :) 

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