New Year!

New Year!

I dont know about you, But Christmas always takes a LOT of out me. 
We have been printing around the clock on both printers to keep up with all of your orders! You have been fabulous and understanding as we work really hard to get on top of our grand opening.

I spent some time and updated our color listing page so you can see more colors. I added a paint chip of each of our solid colors and added a few new ones like shiny aqua and blue to silver gradient. You should check them out! 

We have some new things planned coming up in the first part of 2024. We are finalizing the design for a collapsible yarn swift that I have been testing out ( IE trying to break) and tweaking for a bit. However we paused working on it to keep up with Boxes. So once we get a few more taken care of we will get back to finishing that project.

I am working on some custom designed mermaid/siren themed items. Because I am the spinning siren! I have some fun ideas for things that I hope people will enjoy.

Because we have the humor of a teenaged boy ( We should we are parents to four teenaged boys) We have some adult themed spinning accessories planned. I hope you love them, or at least get a giggle for them. Dont worry. They will have their own section of the shop and a cover photo so you do not have to see them if you do not want to. 

I have been seeing some photos of a nifty yarn caddy going around and am planning on making our own version. 

I am planning on new holiday bobbins, though perhaps only one per minor holiday seeing every time we put one out its a rush and we want people to be able to really enjoy them! 

And yes, there is another large surprise in store, But we arent there yet so mums the word till we finish prototyping and see if it will actually work. One step at a time! 


I am super excited to showcase 2024 with you and hope that you will love some of the cool things we will be working on.



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