Welcome to The Spinning Siren

Welcome to The Spinning Siren

Welcome to Spinning Siren! We have been so blessed in our efforts to create some truly unique and a fun items to deck out your Electric Eel Spinning wheels over the last couple of months. I look forward to bringing you new things in the future starting with the launch of our new custom case for the electric eel nano! 

A little bit about us! 
My name is Lina and Ive been working in fiber arts  for the last 15 years. I started with Crochet when I had our third son and realized how few cute things there was for boys! When I mastered crocheting, I learned to knit. By my fourth son, I had gone semi viral with some of my hand made outfits for boys and was working full time as a crochet artist. After our last baby was born I lost my drive for crochet and knit and picked up spinning. Never one to start off slowly. I bought Angora rabbits and jumped in with eyes wide open and both feet!  I had a drop spindle a week before buying my first wheel and upgraded it within two months to a much larger wheel! 

In 2020 we decided to move across the country from Alaska to Colorado and we upended our entire lives! We made an awesome choice. Tony works in IT and I work in the mental health field full time with our hobbies on the side. I still knit, crochet, spin do photography and paint. Tony enjoys drones and games! 

When Tony bought a 3d printer in 2023, I kept teasing that I wanted him to make me some bobbins. I had seen some but couldent afford buying them at the time. After the printer came into being. He printed a few fun things and then printed me some bobbins! By the second one, I knew I wanted my own designs. Through hunting for images and working designs together, We created the filigree design. 



We have 5 children from 9-19, two dogs, a cat and roughly 20 chickens. We dont count the chickens, we get in trouble when we count. In 2022 I made the hard decision to give up my angora bunnies. Their grooming needs while working full time and the crazy heat in the desert side of Colorado meant I did not have the time to dedicate to them any more. Maybe some day when our kids are older and we have more wiggle room in what we do! 


I hope to continue to create fun 3d printed items for you and creating wonderful fibers, yarns, patterns and more!  Its fun to finally have a hobby where the husband and I align in interests! 

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