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Spinning Siren and Fairy Tale Fiber arts

Electric Eel 6 bobbin, Dueling Dragons Bobbin

Electric Eel 6 bobbin, Dueling Dragons Bobbin

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Joining our 2024 bobbin designs is our beautiful dueling dragons. Featuring an open mouthed dragon who is constantly chasing his companions! 

Shown in the tri color rainbow, I've included a video on what makes this unique color so pretty! 

This Bobbin is in our new XL form, See photo of the shaft size changes! This bobbin will hold more yarn then a traditional EEW6 Bobbin!! How much more is up to you and your spinning style! Perfect for plying

Bobbin shaft has a hole and a slit to attach your lead line to and all bobbins are tested before they go out. Bobbins including bearings.

Each custom bobbin is unique. The colors will be variable throughout printing and we cannot guarantee what color the bobbin ends start or end on.
You may see small lines in the bobbins especially along the shaft, This is part of the 3d printing process.
I have attempted to share photos of many different bobbins in order to show clearly the different colors that can appear as the bobbins are created! The rainbows are fun and exciting.

These are custom printed to order

3D Print Disclaimer: 3D Printing leaves subtle variations on the print including lines and fill. It can create variations in the color print as well. Gradients and rainbow prints cannot be guarantied on which color the gradient starts and finishes. Please don't leave them next to direct heat such as fireplaces, stoves or heating vents, Don't leave them in direct sunlight, don't submerge them in hot water and don't leave them under tension from your yarn. Please screw in bobbin ends gently and tighten until they stop, do not force the bobbin to over tighten or it may break the threads, they should fit snug. All of these things can effect the integrality of the product.

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Anderson

Several weeks ago I reached out to see if a dragon themed bobbing was an option to create. I immediately recurve a response that it was something they'd right about but game pulled the trigger yet. I'm so excited to have received my me bobbins in the mail! All 6 of them! Haha Five are the dragons and one of the spider. I love them all, thank you!