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Spinning Siren and Fairy Tale Fiber arts

2024 Bunny Bobbin/ Easter Bobbin

2024 Bunny Bobbin/ Easter Bobbin

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New for 2024 is the Bunny bobbin. A lot of people know I raised, bred and occasionally showed angora rabbits for a number of years. They are one of the most amazing little animals and I adored having them. Unfortunately it is too hot in southern Colorado for angoras and I couldent keep them cool enough to grow a good coat. I decided with many tears over the course of a year to find the 15 that I owned to a wonderful home in cooler temperatures. 

Bunnies have my heart and one day I hope to own them again! 
Till then, I have created the bunny bobbin. I know I have many a bun loving friend out there and I wanted to represent! This also works as a sweet spring and easter bobbin! 

This bobbin has the new XL design to fit more wool on your bobbin and the hole to slip your lead line in. 

Please see color example page for more color examples. We have over 55 colors! 

Shown in the newest color for 2024, Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is a medium pink leaning to pastel. But not as pale as the Rose Pink shade. Rose Quartz has pale blue glitter in it, making it an extremely glittery bobbin (Much like our sparkly purple shades!) But when turned at just the right angle the blue glitter pops blue!! 

Enjoy some adorable bunny photos from the years I raised my angoras! 


Gradients look best when printed in multiples. When you print only one, it may not go through the entire color change spectrum. If you order one. It will come as gradient as it can however it will always look best printed with 2 or more bobbins. 

3D Print Disclaimer: 3D Printing leaves subtle variations on the print including lines and fill. It can create variations in the color print as well. Gradients and rainbow prints cannot be guarantied on which color the gradient starts and finishes. Please don't leave them next to direct heat such as fireplaces, stoves or heating vents, Don't leave them in direct sunlight, don't submerge them in hot water and don't leave them under tension from your yarn. Please screw in bobbin ends gently and tighten until they stop, do not force the bobbin to over tighten or it may break the threads, they should fit snug. All of these things can effect the integrality of the product.

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Deb Sloan

Awesome guy to deal with even changed my order when he didn’t have too. Great service, fast delivery, cute product. Definitely will order from again!!!!