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Spinning Siren and Fairy Tale Fiber arts

Color Kit Name Add On for Electric Eel 6 Or Nano

Color Kit Name Add On for Electric Eel 6 Or Nano

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This listing is for the NAME add on for the electric eel 6 or nano color kit base.
You must order the listing for the color kit WITH this listing.

We will print whatever name you want on your color kit base. This could be your name, your fiber nickname, Etsy shop, fiber shop, or any other name you want!
We will also print a short quote but please message us before asking so we can be sure your desired quote will fit! A quote can also be placed on the inside of your color kit base if it is something special for you, or a personal reminder. For instance, my husband put a "I love you" message on the inside of my my base, So I always know it is there but its not necessarily for others to see.
Please place both the listing for the name add on and the color kit in your cart at the same time on checkout so we know where to put what!

You MUST own the Electric Eel Wheel for this listing. 

You MUST order this listing WITH a color Kit.

This kit is designed to fit the Electric Eel Nano or Electric Eel 6 by Dreaming Robots. All Credit to the designer for the Fabulous and well loved original designs. Modifications are the creation of this shop.

3D Print Disclaimer: 3D Printing leaves subtle variations on the print including lines and fill. It can create variations in the color print as well. Gradients and rainbow prints cannot be guarantied on which color the gradient starts and finishes. Please don't leave them next to direct heat such as fireplaces, stoves or heating vents, Don't leave them in direct sunlight, don't submerge them in hot water and don't leave them under tension from your yarn. Please screw in bobbin ends gently and tighten until they stop, do not force the bobbin to over tighten or it may break the threads, they should fit snug. All of these things can effect the integrality of the product.

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Customer Reviews

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The EEW Color Kit is gorgeous. I chose pink to gold, and it is wonderfully pink from one side, and golden from the other.
It's just really nice! And speedy shipping. Thank you!