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Spinning Siren and Fairy Tale Fiber arts

Electric Eel NANO Box and Battery holder base, Basic and Matte colors

Electric Eel NANO Box and Battery holder base, Basic and Matte colors

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Nano Base and hard sided case. 
This base is designed for your nano wheel to lock into place and will not shift around. It features two drawer compartments in the base. One compartment holds your battery and will store it while in and out of use. Use the holes to run your cables out and attach to the spinning wheel. 

The other compartment will fit two to three bobbins flat packed, assorted cables or other little things you may want to carry with you! 

Each compartment has a latch so they will not accidentally slide open. 

Once you up the top on, there is no chance of your drawers opening. It effectively slides over the top edge of the drawers locking them into place. It has two side latches to keep the base and box secured and a carrying handle on top. 

The base adds a wonderful bit of weight and stability to your nano as well as additional storage and can be used independently of the lid. 
Printed in the colors of your choice.  Due to the restrictions in place, Please see the listing HERE for color examples and include it in your notes to seller when you check out. 


Please review color choices on our special listing here. You do not need to add a color to cart.  Link opens in external window. 

Kit is shown in Tri color rainbow, red, green and purple. 

Gradient Rainbow

Blue to Green Color Shift.


The color kit accessories include

Orifice reducer
Orifice Hook
Tenson knob
1 Bobbin 

For gradients. The drawers will match each other but will not be in the same gradient pattern as the base. 

You will need to write in your color choice on checkout! Please see my other listings for a full array of colors. Not all colors are photographed, Please message me if you have any questions relating the color options. 


You may see small lines in the bobbins especially along the shaft, This is part of the 3d printing process.
I have attempted to share photos of many different bobbins in order to show clearly the different colors that can appear as the bobbins are created! The rainbows are fun and exciting.

3D Print Disclaimer: 3D Printing leaves subtle variations on the print including lines and fill. It can create variations in the color print as well. Gradients and rainbow prints cannot be guarantied on which color the gradient starts and finishes. Please don't leave them next to direct heat such as fireplaces, stoves or heating vents, Don't leave them in direct sunlight, don't submerge them in hot water and don't leave them under tension from your yarn. Please screw in bobbin ends gently and tighten until they stop, do not force the bobbin to over tighten or it may break the threads, they should fit snug. All of these things can effect the integrality of the product.

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